In the Rallybound Admin, an "Entity" refers to any one of the following:

  1. The Organization (i.e., the full collection of groups and campaigns within a single Rallybound instance)
  2. A group
  3. A campaign

These are all grouped in the classification of "Entity" because the same settings that may be configured on campaigns may be configured on any other entity (groups or the organization) in order to apply to multiple campaigns at once. Click here to learn more about our inheritance system. Any setting that can be inherited (applied to many campaigns at once) is available on all entity types, while settings or data that cannot be inherited are only available on the campaign entity type.

Unfortunately, not all settings or data can be inherited, and hence available on all entity types; some are only available on the campaign entity and cannot be inherited. For this reason, if you're having trouble finding a setting, it's good to check what entity type you've navigated to. To determine if you've navigated to within a campaign entity, simply look at the header: if it's blue, you're in a campaign, while if it's gray, you're in the organization or a group level. If you can't find a setting or record, it's possible you need to be in a campaign entity as opposed to a group entity.

Below is a full list of settings or data which is available on organization or group entities (and can be inherited), versus those available only on the campaign entity type (and cannot be inherited).

Can be inherited / available on any entity

Currently, content that can be inherited and consequently are available on all entity types include:

Cannot be inherited / available on campaign entity only

Content that cannot be inherited and consequently are only available on the campaign entity type at this time includes: