The Cause object contains information related to a cause, otherwise referred to as Event Listing. A cause/Event Listing is an object that can be associated with a fundraiser and/or donation. The most common use of this feature is for fundraisers to create events that are displayed on their page.

Availability: The Cause object is available in cause-related emails:

Attributes: The Cause object has the following attributes:


Returns the cause name (for example Bake Sale).


Returns the cause description.


Returns the date associated with the cause. Use a date filter to return the value in a recognized format:

{{ Cause.Date | date: "%B %d, %Y" }}

January 1, 2020


Returns the total amount raised associated with the cause. Use a money filter to return the value in a monetary format:

{{ Cause.Total_Amount | money }}



Returns the address associated with the cause. Cause.Address is an Address object.