Champion Campaigns allow fundraisers to create full-fledged campaigns within which they can accept donations, promote and sell tickets to an event, and even invite friends and family to fundraise around that event. This encourages advocates to bring in their acquaintances, who in turn include their own acquaintances for exponential growth.

In this article we'll discuss how Champion Campaigns affect the fundraising page of the Champion in a parent campaign. A "Parent campaign" refers to a campaign that is configured to allow its fundraisers to create Champion Campaigns.

Champion Term

Different organizations may want to present Champion Campaigns differently, so we've created a global term that determines what Champion Campaigns are called throughout the parent campaign. This can be modified in the Admin Panel, under Settings > Campaign Dictionary > Global - Champion Term. As with all global terms, this term will be available to be used dynamically with the placeholder:

{{Campaign.Terms | term_by_name: "Global_ChampionAdjective" | to_title_case}}

How Champion Campaigns and Numbers are Displayed

Parent campaigns recognize activity on Champion Campaigns in many ways, including the following: