What is a Sandbox?

A sandbox is a replica of some or all of your Salesforce instance. It allows for testing to be done with all the configurations you have in place but it ensures you can do this correctly without anything being broken.

Benefits of a Sandbox:

Types of Sandboxes

Both Developer sandbox setups will not allow for your data to be copied over. Instead you will have your setup detail (fields, workflows, etc). Test records will need to be created on the appropriate objects in order to test anything else.

Both the partial and full sandbox will come with an additional cost but will allow for more adequate testing. If you are interested in a sandbox environment  please contact your Salesforce executive.

Rallybound Setup

When setting up your Salesforce connection you will need to select the “Sandbox” checkbox in the popup.

You will need to install the Rallybound Fields Package and Rallybound Apex Sync Package, which can be done using the links below:

After you’ve created your sandbox, you’ll be able to log in at https://test.salesforce.com by appending .sandbox_name to your Salesforce username.

Once you’ve logged in, you’re free to test, train, and play! The sandbox will behave the exact same way as your production instance but you won’t affect the operations of your organization. General best practices when working within a sandbox is to push any changes made from the sandbox into production. This can be done using “Change Sets”, or alternatively changes can be manually changed in the production environment once tested. Be careful when pushing from your sandbox to production, as any conflicting changes to your code and configuration (known as metadata) will be overwritten.

Important: After testing with a Sandbox in Rallybound, please contact Rallybound Support to clear history of our syncing to the sandbox.