Nonprofits that wish to have a custom domain name for their dedicated fundraising website (e.g. "") on the Rallybound platform can choose to have their site white labeled by Rallybound. The advantage of white labeling is that your site can use a domain name of your choosing. Without white labeling, the site must use a subdomain of Rallybound's dedicated domain, so that your site's domain will be [your-domain-name] Even if your site is not white labeled, you can still set up domain forwarding on a domain of your choice, so that you can continue marketing your chosen domain without significant differences to your users.

This difference carries over to social integrations as well, so that, on white labeled sites, when the site is shared on social networks, links do not reference Rallybound.

White labeling a platform or site costs an additional $2,000. If you're interested in taking advantage of our white label option, please contact us.