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Administrators can view and edit detailed information related to every donation a campaign received, as well as sort and export data based on filters. Information includes:

  • Donation date
  • Donor
  • Recipient (whose goal or team goal the donation was for) and message
  • Amount
  • Payment method (credit card, paypal, cash, check, etc.)
  • And more

There are many ways to find a donation in the Admin. Below we've outlined a few ways, but first, you will need to log into the Admin at

  1. Method one: Activity Stream. If the donation was submitted fairly recently, it can make sense to locate it through the Activity Stream:
    1. Click the "Activity Stream" tab
    2. If necessary, filter out non-transaction updates in the left sidebar
    3. Locate the donation in question, click the donation amount (and then click "View donation record" in the ensuing popup, if applicable)
    4. You will be redirected to the donation record
  2. Method two: Donations grid
    1. Navigate to the campaign on which the donation was submitted
    2. Click the "Transactions" tab
    3. Click "Donations" in the left sidebar
    4. The donations list is sorted by latest first. If necessary, filter the list by your desired criteria by clicking the little arrow next to any column title.
    5. Locate your donation record, double click.
  3. Method three: Search
    1. Click the global search field in the top bar of the Admin
    2. Enter a search term related to the donation — it can be the donation amount or the donor name, and click enter
    3. Locate and click the desired record
    4. If you navigated to the donor record, a list of that donor's donations is provided there