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Donors can quickly increase their donation amount by clicking the "Upgrade" button next to the donation amount in the expanded plan view. This presents the donor with a simplified interface where they can just enter a new donation amount and click "Save". The resulting recurring plan will charge on the next scheduled interval date.

The "Amount" field in this lightbox can be pre-populated with a specified amount, either a static increase or a percentage increase to the current donation amount. For example, the field can be pre-populated with an amount that is $10 more than the current amount, or 10% more than the current amount. In addition, if an organization doesn't want to display the "Upgrade" button at all, it can be hidden. To configure any of these options, please contact support.

The "Upgrade" lightbox can also be accessed by the donor via a direct link, listed in the Placeholder popup as "Recurring Upgrade URL". This link allows organizations to make a targeted ask to upgrade recurring plans on the Recurring Donation automated emails. When the donor clicks the link, they are routed through login (or account creation) directly to the Upgrade lighbox, where they can confirm their amount and increase their giving with a single click. 

One possible use case for this is to ask donors to upgrade their plan after 12 successive charges. This can be done using a conditional if tag based on the recurring plan charge count

Additionally, URL parameters can be used to pre-populate an upgrade amount into the amount field. To use this feature, append the following to the placeholder:


Using Liquid Templating, one could increase the donation amount relative to the current amount with liquid code. To increase by 10%, use code that looks something like this:

{% assign upgrade_amount = Donation.Amount | times: .1 %}

URLs can also be built using donor data and mail merges in third-party email clients. The dynamic data required are the campaign URL, the Recurring Plan ID and, optionally, the Recurring Plan Amount.