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Donors can update details of and modify recurring plans from their donor portal. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Payments tab in the user profile section
    1. Click the profile image in the top right of the site
    2. Click "Profile"
    3. Click "Payments"
  2. Click "Recurring Plans"
  3. Select the desired donation plan
  4. Click "Manage" at the top of the recurring plan

Elements of the plan that can be modified are donation amount, interval, charge date, recipient, and donation message. Modifying any of these only applies the change for future charges, not past charges. As messaged in the interface, when a donor changes plan settings — donation amount, interval, and charge date, the existing plan is ended and a new plan is created in its place.

Donors can also increase their donation amount by clicking the "Upgrade" button next to the donation amount in the expanded plan view. This presents the donor with a simplified interface where they can just enter a new donation amount and click "Save". The resulting recurring plan will charge on the next scheduled interval date.

Donors can also change the payment method associated with their recurring plan by clicking the "Change" button above the payment method. 

  • For clients who do not want to allow donors to modify their recurring plans, this feature can be disabled across your organization. Please contact us if you'd like to disable this feature.
  • When modifying interval, donors can only select options that are approved by the administrator. By default this only includes monthly (which also means that interval is not editable by the donor by default).