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Using Rallybound's dictionary system, global terms can be updated in one location to be applied across a site or even multiple sites at once. The "Captain" term can be edited in this way, for example to "Leader". To make this change, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Admin at
  2. Navigate to the entity (organization, group, or campaign) on which you'd like to configure this setting. Click here to learn more about inherited settings.
  3. Click the "Website" tab
  4. Click "Customize" in the left sidebar
  5. Click the "Global - Captain Noun" item in the list
  6. Click "Edit"
  7. Make the necessary changes and click "Done"
  8. Refresh your site page to see the changes in the appropriate places

To use this term in emails and on the front end of your site, use the placeholder {{Campaign.Terms | term_by_name: "Global_CaptainNoun"}}.