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How do I set up NeonPay?

  1. Log in to the Org Admin at

  2. Click "Settings" under the organization name, then click "NeonPay" in the left sidebar.

  3. Click "Connect NeonPay".

  4. Fill out the short NeonPay registration form.

  5. You will then be brought to the NeonPay dashboard. Click the widget to create a New Merchant Account. 

  6. Fill out the Merchant Account form, selecting the appropriate Neon One Application in the dropdown menu. See our Merchant Account FAQ for additional information.

  7. Return to your the Rallybound Org Admin and refresh the page to see if your NeonPay integration was successful. It may take a few minutes to display the connection, during which time the NeonPay connection will be displayed in a pending state.

  8. Be sure to submit test donations (which can be immediately refunded) to test the integration.

During this process, you will receive several emails from NeonPay. Follow the link in one to create a password for future access to NeonPay.  

How do I set up NeonPay if I already have processors configured?

To set up NeonPay when you have an existing processor configured, follow the same steps listed above. In some situations, processor configuration complexity will require Rallybound engineers to complete your configuration. If you are seeing the NeonPay connection in a pending state for more than 10 minutes, please contact Rallybound support to complete your NeonPay configuration.

How do I stop using NeonPay?

Contact Rallybound support to request deactivation of your NeonPay account. Existing charges can be disputed several months afterward, so your Merchant Account will remain accessible for limited activities. Your NeonPay account will be deactivated so that no new charges can be submitted. We will then set your minimum balance to $0, and pay out any remaining balance.

Is there a cancellation fee?

There is no cancellation fee to deactivate NeonPay.