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Rallybound allows administrators to edit registrants in bulk, by uploading a CSV file to the admin panel. To do so, follow the instructions below:

  • Log in to your admin panel (at

  • Click "People" and then "Registrants" in the left sidebar

  • Click "Bulk Edit" at the top of the window

  • Click "Download CSV Sample Template" in the pop up window

  • After the Sample Template downloads, open it in your spreadsheet program, and add existing registrants (with their information to change) to the spreadsheet*. Important: When editing/adding to the template, enter the MemberIDs of only the registrants you want to edit in the first row. Enter any column data you want to edit.

  • Once you've finished entering your data into the spreadsheet, save it as a CSV file

  • Back in the admin panel > "Bulk Edit" pop up window, click "Browse", and attach the CSV file you just saved. Then click "Upload".

 CSV Template Structure (for non-Role Registration campaigns)
  • Registrant Information

    • MemberID

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Email

    • Address1

    • Address2

    • City

    • State

    • Zip

    • Country

    • Phone

  • Team Options

    • Registration Type (Options: Solo, JoinTeam, CreateTeam)

    • Registrant's Goal Amount

    • Team ID to join (if the registrant is joining a team, enter team ID)

    • Team Name to create or to join if ID is unknown (if the registrant is creating a team, or if the registrant is joining a team but the ID is not known, enter team name)

    • New Team's Goal Amount (if the registrant is creating a team)

  • RSVP (Options: Physical (=attending) or Virtual (=not attending))

  • Fundraising Tools

    • Give Registrant Fundraising Tools and Page (Options: True or False)

    • Registrant's Page Custom URL

    • Registrant's Goal Name Override (registrant campaign’s display name)

    • Hide Registrant's Page (Options: True or False)

    • RSVP Under Existing MemberID (enter the existing registrant’s Member ID if the new registrant’s account will be managed by an existing registrant)

    • Password (use only if: (a) the registrant has Fundraising Tools turned on, and (b) will not be managed by an existing registrant)

  • Donation Information (if applicable)

    • Donation Amount

    • Donation is Registration Fee (Options: True or False)

    • Fee / Donation is verified (Options: True or False)

    • Payment Type (Options: Check, Cash, OfflineCreditCard, Wire, InKind)

    • Transaction ID (use only for OfflineCreditCard and Wire payments)

    • Payment Date

    • Check Number (use for Check payments)

    • Use Different Address For Billing (Options: True or False)

    • Billing Address

      • Address 1

      • Address 2

      • City

      • State

      • Zip

      • Country

  • Any custom registration fields (with their options) are displayed in the remaining columns

Please note: Fields that are left blank will not cause any updates; type DELETE in a field that you'd like to remove.