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Viewing Recurring Plans

Recurring plans are displayed and accessed in the Admin, under Transactions > Recurring Donations. There, administrators are provided a grid within which they can view and manage recurring plans within their campaign. Details displayed along with recurring plans include:

  • Initial charge date
  • Interval
  • Donor
  • Amount
  • Recipient
  • Donation Details
  • Donations Processed
  • Donations Remaining (if applicable)
  • Status

Creating a Recurring Plan in the Admin

Administrators can create new recurring plans in the Admin, under Transactions > Recurring Donations > New Recurring Plan (button). Recurring plan settings and donation details can be set here. Additionally, there are some features available specifically to administrators in this view:

  • Set an initial charge date in the future. In this scenario, the first donation will occur on the date specified.
  • Set any interval (day, week, month, quarter, year).
  • Set a number of times the card will be charged in the course of this recurring plan.

Editing and Modifying Recurring Plans

There are different ways to change a recurring plan, depending on what information you want to change:

  • Editing plan details (Edit Details) allows administrators to change donation details associated with the plan, but not the plan itself. The changed information will apply to all donations created from the recurring plan after the change is made. Editable donation details include:
    • Recipient
    • In Honor Of (donation message)
    • Display preferences (anonymous, donor display name)
    • Donations remaining
  • Modifying a plan (Modify Plan) allows administrators to modify settings essential to the plan, like donation amount and interval (see full list below). To maintain data consistency, making a change to these essential settings ends the current plan and creates a new one in its place. The new plan is linked to the plan it was created from for historical reporting purposes. Modifiable settings include:
    • Donation amount
    • Interval
    • Initial charge date — this allows administrators to change the recurring charge date
  • The payment method associated with a recurring plan can be changed. To do so, click the "Change Payment Method" button on the recurring plan record.

Pausing and Ending Recurring Plans

From the recurring plan record view, administrators can pause active plans, resume paused plans, end plans, and delete plans. The donor is notified when any of these actions occur. If deleting an active plan, it is first ended and then deleted.

Failed Plans

See here for more information on the failure process. If a plan fails, the processor error code and message are accessible in Recurring Donation reports. If a plan has failed due a credit card issue and the plan is in "Retrying" status, the payment method associated with the plan can be changed — see above under "Editing and Modifying Recurring Plans". Once the payment method has been fixed, the plan will continue charging as normal starting from the next charge date, and it will resume its "Active" status. If the plan is in "Failed" status, please contact Rallybound support to troubleshoot and potentially reactivate the failed plan.


Donors can also edit and modify recurring plans from their donor portal. To learn more, click here.