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To view your recurring plans and transaction history, navigate to your user profile section by clicking your profile image in the top right and clicking "Profile", then click "Payments".


In the Transactions sub-tab, you can view and download historical transaction records, including Donations, Registrations and Purchases (tickets).

Users can sort and filter their transactions list using the relevant icons that appear above the grid. Filters include:

  • Date range
  • Amount
  • Transaction type
  • Campaign
  • Recipient
  • Recurring
  • Payment method

Details related to each transaction, for example donation recipient and transaction amount breakdown, can be viewed in the detailed transaction record view by clicking on the transaction record. Transactions without a payment (for example, registration with no fee) do not appear in this list. PDF Receipts can also be downloaded from this interface for transactions which have an associated receipt.

Users can download a CSV listing all their transactions by clicking the download icon that appears above the grid. If allowed by the organization, users can download a PDF summary letter for each year that they transacted for that organization. Summary letters include:

  • A message from the organization
  • A list of transactions
  • Totals

Recurring Plans

In the Recurring Plans sub-tab, you can view all recurring plans you may have across the organization. This includes active, paused, and ended plans. The plan record displays amount, original charge date, interval, last charge, amount processed to date, and status, among other detailed information. 

Donors can pause or end their plan from this interface by clicking "Pause" or "End" on a given recurring plan record. Donors can modify their recurring plans in this interface, editing recipient, donation message, amount, interval, and charge date. To learn more, click here. Donors can also change the payment method associated with the recurring plan. To learn more, click here.

Payment Methods

In the Payment Methods sub-tab, donors can view the payment methods they saved across the organization. These payment methods are displayed to the donor on the donation page for one-click donating. Payment methods display the credit card company, account holder name, the last four digits of the account, and expiration date.

This sub-tab is not available in some configurations.