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Successful and verified donation records, donor records, contact records, and registration records are synced from Rallybound to NeonCRM automatically after a donation or registration is submitted. Any refunds processed in Rallybound will not be automatically synced and will require a manual update in NeonCRM. Ticket purchase transactions cannot be synced to NeonCRM.


Successful donations are automatically synced to NeonCRM along with the donor information (as an account), the relevant campaign, the donation recipient (to the fundraiser field), and donation information such as amount, anonymous selection, and payment type. See below for full mapping.


Successful registrations are automatically synced to NeonCRM. The contacts of all registrants will be synced, and they will be marked as Attendees of the corresponding NeonCRM Event. The primary registrant will be marked as an Attendee as well as a Registrant. Managed users registered by the primary user will be marked as just an Attendee. Managed users will be synced without an email but will still have their own contact record with their own name. Invited users are marked as DO NOT CONTACT.

The sum of the registration will be synced as a registration payment of the primary registrant. Donations made at the time of registrations will be synced as donations if both donations and registrations are configured to sync.

Field mapping between Rallybound & NeonCRM

The below table outlines what fields in Rallybound will be synced to which fields in NeonCRM.

Sync ObjectRallybound FieldNeonCRM Field
Rallybound User (donor, registrant)
to NeonCRM Individual Account

First Name

First Name

Last NameLast Name
Email AddressEmail 1
Address 1Address 1
Address 2Address 2
State/Province (US/Canada)State
Territory (outside US/Canada)Province
Zip CodeZip Code
Phone NumberPhone 1
Do Not ContactNo Solicitation (set to "true" for invited registrants)
Rallybound Company
to NeonCRM Organization Account
Company NameOrganization Name
DonationDonation AmountAmount (covered fees amount not synced)
Donation DateDate
Anonymous NameAnonymous ("Donor Name Anonymous")
Anonymous AmountAnonymous ("Donation Amount Anonymous")
Donor Name OverrideDonor Name
Donation recipient (fundraiser only)Account ID to fundraiser field

Campaign (set in Rallybound Admin)

Fund (set in Rallybound Admin)

Send Acknowledge Email (toggled in Rallybound Admin)
Donation PaymentCheck NumberCheck Number
Event (set in Rallybound Admin)
User Account IDAccount ID
Registration DateRegistration Date

Send System Email (set in Rallybound Admin)
Rallybound Managed Account
to NeonCRM Attendee
First NameFirst Name
Last NameLast Name
Registration DateRegistration Date
Registration PaymentTotal Registration AmountAmount
Payment Received DatePayment Received Date
Payment MethodTender Type
Cardholder NameCardholder Name
Cardholder Email AddressCardholder Email Address
Billing Address (all fields)Billing Address (all fields, see above)

How does the integration handle duplicate data?

When a record is first synced to NeonCRM, the integration will look for an account match based on email address. If multiple accounts are matched, the integration will look for a match based on last name and then first name.

In the event that a match is not found, or the previously synced record’s account ID no longer exists, a new account record will be created in NeonCRM.