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The Rallybound integration automatically pushes donor and donation records, as well as contact and registration records that are created in Rallybound to new or matched account records in NeonCRM. Note: Any transactions submitted through a Rallybound ticket page, including a ticket purchase and/or donation, cannot be synced to NeonCRM.

In order to establish the integration between Rallybound and NeonCRM, you will need to do some pre-configuration on the NeonCRM side, and retrieve your Organization ID and an API Key from your NeonCRM system to configure the integration itself. See below for detailed instructions.

Configure your NeonCRM Integration

Creating NeonCRM Events

Before configuring the integration, you will need to create an event in your NeonCRM instance to which all Rallybound registrations will sync. If you do not want to sync registrations to NeonCRM, you can skip this step:

  1. Once logged in to NeonCRM, navigate to Events. Create a new event by clicking the "New Event" button.
  2. In the ensuing new event interface, add an event name and other information as desired.
  3. Under "Financial Settings", set the event as a single-admission event.
  4. Enter an amount fee, however please note that registrations will sync from Rallybound with the fee set in Rallybound regardless of the value of this field. If your Rallybound campaign is configured with Quick Role Registration, which is not common, the NeonCRM event should be a free event.

Retrieving Your Organization ID

  1. Navigate to Settings cog > Organization Profile & Billing.
  2. Scroll down to the “Database Information” section. Your Organization ID will be displayed here:

Retrieving Your API Key

API Keys are attached to NeonCRM system user accounts. We recommend creating a new user account for this integration and naming it Rallybound Integration. This will make it easier to identify new records from Rallybound in NeonCRM and help prevent accidentally disabling this system user. Disabling this system user will inactivate the API Key, and the integration will stop working.

To get your API Key, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your NeonCRM system.

  2. Navigate to: Settings cog > User Management.

  3. Click Add New User.

  4. Populate the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address fields

  5. Enable the API access for this user account. Click the toggle to enable. This will display your API key.

  6. Click Create User on the top right of the page to complete this process

Entering your Organization ID and API Key in Rallybound

  1. Log into the Admin at
  2. Navigate to the campaign on which you'd like to configure this integration
  3. Select System > Integrations
  4. Check NeonCRM
  5. Populate the NeonCRM Org ID and NeonCRM API Key fields and click Save Changes.

Once the changes are saved you will have the ability to enable syncing for donations and registrations. Enable each feature respectively by checking the box for that feature. Once that's done—

  • Under donations, a dropdown will display with your active and available NeonCRM campaigns. Select one of these campaigns to associate it with your Rallybound campaign. Additionally, you can choose to sync the donations to a NeonCRM fund. If you choose to not select a campaign and/or fund, all donations will sync to NeonCRM without any campaign or fund information. 
  • Under registrations, a dropdown will display with your active and available NeonCRM events. Select the corresponding NeonCRM event to which to sync registrations. If an event is not selected, registrations will not be synced at all.

Click Save Changes one last time, and you’re all set to sync donor accounts, donations, and registrations from Rallybound to NeonCRM.

Additional ways to integrate with NeonCRM (optional)

In addition to specifying a NeonCRM campaign or fund to sync credit card donations to, and a NeonCRM event to sync registrations to, there are further options to trigger system emails from NeonCRM as well as the option to sync offline donation records.

NeonCRM System Emails

For both donations and registrations, you can elect for NeonCRM to send your default system emails. To enable, select the option Send NeonCRM System Emails.

Disabling the "Donation Confirmation" and "Registration Confirmation" auto responders in Rallybound is recommended if the option to “Send NeonCRM System Emails” is selected. This can be done by navigating to Email > Automated Emails. Double-click Donation Confirmation, and in the ensuing window, click Edit, select the checkbox next to Disable?, and then click Save at the bottom of the panel. Do the same for the Registration Confirmation auto responder.

Sync Offline Donations

Selecting this option will sync donation records that were created using a payment type other than “Credit Card”. Offline donations can only be created by Rallybound administrators in a campaign’s admin panel or by a logged in fundraiser. Offline donations entered by fundraisers will need to be verified by an administrator before the record will sync to NeonCRM.