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The automator is a powerful tool that allows administrators to set a range of criteria which will automatically generate and send personalized emails when triggered. Combining the automator with placeholders makes this powerful tool even more powerful by generating completely personalized emails. Some useful examples of automated emails: 

  • If a fundraiser didn’t modify their personal page, and didn’t upload a photo, the system will send a pre-composed email to them 2 days after they registered. In the email there would be tips on how to run an effective campaign.
  • A pre-composed congratulatory email can be sent to any fundraiser upon receiving their tenth donation.

For your convenience, we've created a sample list of six default automated emails. Click on the description below to read the default text for its resulting email.

  1. Encourage to register: If a user didn’t register, send email to user 1 day after creating an account.
  2. Encourage to fundraise 1: If a user didn’t modify their fundraising page, and didn’t upload their photo, send email to user 2 days after registering.
  3. Delayed fundraising tips: Send email to user 4 days after registering.
  4. Encourage to socialize: If a user didn’t send email or social, and didn’t connect social account, send email to user 1 week after registering.
  5. Encourage to fundraise 2: If a fundraiser didn’t receive any donations, send email to user 2 weeks after registering.
  6. Tenth donation notification: Send email to user upon receiving tenth donation.


For instructions on setting up automated emails for your campaign, please click here. You can choose to use any of the above defaults, or you may create your own! A comprehensive list of triggers is below.






  • A user creates an account
  • A user registers to attend
  • A user registers to fundraise


Fundraising Actions

  • A fundraiser modifies their page
  • A fundraiser updates their goal
  • A fundraiser creates a custom url
  • A fundraiser views HQ tour
  • A fundraiser adds a contact to their contact book


Share Actions

  • A fundraiser performs any share action
  • A fundraiser connects a social-network account
  • A fundraiser sends an email


Fundraising Goals

  • A fundraiser donates
  • A fundraiser raises (money amount)
  • A fundraiser raises (percent of goal)
  • A fundraiser raises from (donor count)
  • A fundraiser receives (donations count)



Any of the above Initiators, in any combination, may be used to limit the trigger. The default examples above provide some examples of multiple conditions per trigger. Triggers may also be limited by Fundraising Goals in more-than, less-than, equal-to, or in-range-of combinations. For example, "fundraised between $50 and $100" is a valid condition (as well as being a valid initiator).



In addition to firing upon an Initiator, triggers may be set to fire on: 

  • A specific date
  • Time to campaign end
  • Time since campaign start
  • Time since first [Registration], [Fundraiser Action], or [Social Action]