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A registrant is able to register additional participants during the registration process (for detailed reg) and after (for detailed and quick registration).

Update Step 2 of the Detailed Registration form

Updating the default language of the registration options (Step 2 in Detailed Registration) may help indicate to registrants that they can register other fundraisers and attendees. 

Via the Admin Panel, navigate to Campaign Settings then Campaign Dictionary and make the following edits.

Dictionary EntryDefault TextSuggested Replacement
Page Text - Registration Page (Full) - Registration CreateTeam DescriptionShow your team spirit! Sign up your family friends, co-workers, etc. to join your fundraising efforts".You can keep this the same or replace with your own language by replacing the text in the Campaign Dictionary.
Page Text - Registration Page (Full) - Registration CreateTeam TitleCreate TeamCreate a Team or Register Additional Participants

This is what the Registrant will see:

Once the user selects "Create a Team or Register Additional Participants" and enters their team or family name, the registrant will be taken to the following page:

As an administrator, you also can modify the "Add More Fundraisers" text through the following Campaign Dictionary entry:

Dictionary EntryDefault TextSuggested Replacement
Global - Member Term #2 (used in attendee context)Add More Fundraisers (Fundraisers is the text that will be updated)Add More Participants
Page Text - Registration Page (Full) - Fundraising Tools LabelFundraising ToolsEmail Address Required

If the registrant wants someone to be a Fundraiser, meaning the new Fundraiser will have their own fundraising page and log in, an email address will be required.  Therefore, the toggle switch next to "Email Address Required" should be moved to YES (see image below). However, If the registrant does not the additional registrant(s) to be a fundraiser because they are a child and/or the original registrant will be managing the account, then an email address is not required.  Therefore, the toggle switch next to "Email Address Required" should be moved to NO.

Adding registrants via the Fundraiser Dashboard

Another area where a registrant can register additional participants is through their Dashboard. This can be found within the RSVP task. If you are using Quick Registration this is great because you'll likely ask this question anyway. If you are using Detailed Registration you will want to make sure RSVP is turned on.  

Under Campaign Settings you will want to enable these options:

  • Show RSVP pop-up after "Detailed Registration" - Because RSVP is answered within Detailed Registration you will have to select to turn this feature on.
  • RSVP task never gets crossed out - This is helpful to show the fundraiser they can always register additional participants. It also draws attention to this feature so they know they can register additional participants from this view
  • Require members to RSVP - The RSVP question is answered in detailed registration. This is a way of guaranteeing it is asked in quick registration. 

HQ Tasks:

  • Select RSVP under HQ Tasks. This will show up on their progress bar on the right-hand side.
  • Select RSVP under HQ Start-Up Guide if you want to ask your fundraiser to register additional participants immediately after registration. 

Campaign Dictionary for RSVP Task

Dictionary EntryDefault TextSuggested Replacement (Quick)Suggested Replacement (Detailed)
Page Text - Headquarters - Progress List - RSVPRSVP for {{Org_Campaign.Name}}RSVP for {{Org_Campaign.Name}} and Register Additional ParticipantsRegister Additional Participants
Page Text - Headquarters - RSVP Popup Window - Button Text for Adding Another RSVP MemberAdd RSVP
(Dictionary states See Site for Current Definition)
Register Additional ParticipantRegister Additional Participant
Page Text - Headquarters - RSVP Popup Window - Button Text for SubmitingRSVP Now
(Dictionary states See Site for Current Definition)
Register NowRegister Now
Page Text - Headquarters - RSVP Popup Window - Text for Summary When Subtotal is FREE

Page Text - Headquarters - RSVP Popup Window - Thank You Message After RSVPingThanks! Your RSVP is complete.Thanks! Your Registration is Complete!Thanks! Your additional registrants have been confirmed.