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Admin reports allows administrators to generate, view, customize, and export complex reports to track any element of their campaign. Once you've gotten started with generating reports, you can customize them in different ways. To get started on customizing your report, you will use the dropdown options next to the top of each column: 


To sort the list by a specific column, click the top of the column you'd like to sort by. Alternatively, select the column dropdown, and click the "Sort Ascending" or "Sort Descending" options.

Displaying Specific Columns

To customize which columns should be displayed, select any column-dropdown, navigate to "Columns", and select/deselect the columns to turn them on and off.


You can split the list into groups, determined by the content of a specific column. For example, you can split and group the list by zip code. Doing this will group together all contacts with the same zip code. In a list with contacts from 10 different zip codes, this will result in 10 groups.


To ungroup the list, select any column dropdown, and uncheck "Show in groups".


You can also choose to filter the list to display only those contacts which contain specified information. For example, you can display all contacts from a specific zip code. Doing this will hide all contacts besides for ones from the specified zip code.


To unfilter the list, at the top of the column the list is filtered by, select the column dropdown, and uncheck "Filters".


Once you have customized your list, you may can save it as a custom report by clicking "Save as…", you can export it as is, with all the customizations you have applied to it, by clicking "Export Excel" at the top of the page.Please also check out a tutorial on the reporting feature, or you can use the data in a variety of ways, like sending emails or exporting the data to third party services. All these options are available in the toolbar above the report.