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  • Donors (Verified Donations)

    • A list of all verified check and cash donations

  • Donors including registration fees

  • Fundraisers with Donation and Contacts Summary

    • Information on Fundraisers, to include:

      • Contact Information

      • Registration Date

      • Goal Amount

      • Page Active (means their page is displayed)

      • Page Access (returns access status of page)
      • Amount Raised

      • Donations Towards Goal

      • Registrations Towards Goal

      • Total Amount Raised Online and Offline

      • Team Information

      • Activity on Fundraising Campaign

        • Uploaded profile picture, connected to social account, edited personal page, customized URL, verified email, recommitment state and custom registration questions

  • RSVP Product Details

    • A graph and worksheet that contains registration responses. Administrators can Limit Products (search for a specific response) or to pull all results together.

  • Registrants that have not RSVPed

    • Generally used for Quick Registration when RSVP is not mandated.

  • Registrant with Reg Fields, Donation and Contacts Summary