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The push tab allows you to add/edit/delete push notifications. 

To add a new push notification follow the steps below :

  1. In the admin portal click on the client from the client list.
  2. Go to Solutions and click on the particular solution which contains the event you want to add the push notification to.
  3. Click on the Push tab and click the + button to add a new push.
  4. Select if the push notification is for the event or for a particular participant. Select a particular participant/s from the drop-down.
  5. If you have a vast list of events, you can add a date range to filter out the events, so you get a smaller list to choose from. Select a particular event from the events dropdown. You can either send it to everyone or just team captains.
  6. Select the date and time when the push should go out.
  7. Enter the message body of the push notification in the textbox.
  8. Click Save button and the push will be added to the list. This push will fire at the specified date and time set.