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  1. How to find a donation

    Administrators can view and edit detailed information related to every donation a campaign received, as well as sort and export data based on filters. Information includes: Donation date Donor Recipient (whose goal or team goal the donation was for) and message Amount Payment method (credit card, paypal, cash
    Knowledge baseMar 29, 2020
  2. Donation and Registration Auto Responders

    The two most important auto responders in a campaign are the donation and registration confirmation auto responders. The donation confirmation auto responder is sent to the donor when they submit a donation, while the registration confirmation auto responder is sent to a registrant after completing registration. All
    Knowledge baseMar 25, 2020
  3. How to modify default donation amounts

    On the donation page, preselected donation amounts are presented to the donor to guide them through their donation. These amounts are editable. To edit the donation amount buttons, follow these steps: Log in to the Admin at Navigate to the donation page of your campaign site Click "Enable
    Knowledge baseMar 27, 2020
  4. How to enter an offline donation through the Dashboard

    Fundraisers can submit offline donations through the Fundraiser Dashboard, which will appear in their donations list once an administrator has validated the donation. To do this, follow these steps: Log in to your campaign site, you will be directed to your Dashboard Click the "Reports" tab Click "Add offline
    Knowledge baseFeb 07, 2020
  5. How to add or edit a donation (instructions for administrators)

    Administrators can add donations manually on behalf of a donor or a sponsor. To do so, follow these steps: Log into the Admin at Navigate to the campaign on which the donation was submitted Click the "Transactions" tab Click "Donations" in the left sidebar Click
    Knowledge baseMar 29, 2020
  6. How to move registrant or donation records across campaigns

    There are various ways to move donation and registrant records across campaigns, depending on your instance configuration. Move a Registrant To move … a Donation Depending on your organization's processor configuration, you may be able to move a donation record directly, without needing to delete it. Please see
    Knowledge baseMar 29, 2020
  7. Tribute Donations and E-Cards

    to display on the form, and images for donors to choose as either physical or e-cards. Please contact us to configure tributes and e-cards on your donation … Administrators can configure their donation pages to allow donors to donate in tribute of someone else and (optionally) send a card (physical- or e-card
    Knowledge baseMar 29, 2020
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