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  1. Reports Complete Walkthrough

    with tribute notifications A list of donations with details about each donation with tribute notifications. This is a section added to the donation form … members, all fundraisers) includes donations made directly to a team. This amount is not included in the total for team members excluding captains. Form
    Knowledge baseMay 12, 2019
  2. Multi Language

    content must be submitted to the RallyBound team. These include but are not limited to: Site navigation and buttons Default forms and fields (donation … for and giving donations. For nonprofits with supporters in multiple countries - and/or those that want to offer their entire fundraising experience online in either
    Knowledge baseMar 20, 2019
  3. Form Builder.png

    Knowledge base / … / Form BuilderApr 01, 2019
  4. Form Field.png

    Knowledge base / … / Form BuilderApr 01, 2019
  5. Mobile Pay

    to pay within apps and websites  Lastly, nonprofit organizations are required to provide the following: Donation page or form, Developer ID: Apple; and  Developer Team ID:7YV9A589UX. Google Pay Google Pay does not require an approval process. Simply notify
    Knowledge baseNov 14, 2018
  6. Donation Pledges

    Donations can be marked as pledges in Rallybound. This allows organizations to identify donations that weren't yet received and report on them. Donations are marked as pledges in the donation record in the admin panel. Note that marking a donation as a pledge does not affect whether they appear in fundraising totals
    Knowledge baseJul 01, 2019
  7. How to refund and/or delete a donation

    Rallybound allows administrators to edit many details of a donation, including refunding it. Follow these steps to refund a donation: Sign in to your campaign admin panel ( In the left sidebar, click "Donations" — donations in this grid will display by most recent first Find and select
    Knowledge baseJul 04, 2019
  8. How to enter an offline donation

    If you receive a check or cash donation, you may enter it as an offline donation. An administrator will need to verify the donation when it is received by the organization. Once the donation is verified, it counts towards your fundraising goal. Enter an offline donation by following these steps: Once logged
    Knowledge baseJul 01, 2019
  9. Post-Donation Registration Options

    The interface that is displayed to the donor after submitting a donation can be very valuable being that the donor has already engaged with the campaign … to manage in the campaign Admin Panel, under Settings > Campaign Settings > Donation Options. No registration option Prompt the donor to create an account
    Knowledge baseAug 22, 2019
  10. How to move registrant or donation across campaigns

    In order to move registrant record or donation record across campaigns, you have to delete the records from the old campaign and add them to the new campaign. Follow these steps to move the registrant record: Navigate to Admin Panel > Transactions > Donations. Select/double-click the registration fee associated
    Knowledge baseSep 03, 2019