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  1. Post-Donation Registration Options

    to manage in the Admin (on any entity level), under Forms > Donation Settings > Post-Donation Options. No registration option Prompt the donor to create … is editable in the Admin, under Forms > Customize, in the "Page Text - Donation Thank You Page" section. Additionally, the text of the account creation email can
    Knowledge baseMar 29, 2020
  2. Amply

    Our Amply integration adds easy one-click employer matching donations directly to your donation forms. When donations are placed, the selected employer and key … is built directly into the donation form and no embed code is needed. Matching request is submitted together with the donation, eliminating the need for the donor
    Knowledge baseMar 29, 2019
  3. How to set-up and modify Tribute Fields

    Administrators can include a tribute section on their donation forms, allowing donors to donate in tribute, send a notification of their donation to a family member or friend, and even send ecards with their notification. To enable tribute fields on your donation form, log into the Admin, navigate to the Form Builder
    Knowledge baseMar 27, 2020
  4. Tracking Events (Donations and Registrations) through Google Analytics

    be:  Registration Step (Registration) Step 3 Rallybound passes the following event activities: Donation Submit (Donation form has been submitted)  Success (Transaction charge was successful) SubmitPaypal (Donation form has been submitted)  SuccessPaypal (Transaction charge was successful) Donation-Ticket
    Knowledge baseMar 07, 2019
  5. How do I donate directly to a team?

    Donors can donate to an individual or directly to a team. To donate to a team, select the "Team" option in the recipient section of the donation form and search for the desired team. Alternatively, donors can visit the team page and click the "Donate" button there. donate to team 1.pngdonate to team 2.png
    Knowledge baseFeb 07, 2020
  6. Donor Covers Fees

    the "Forms" tab Click "Donation Settings" in the left sidebar In the "Processing Fees" section, toggle the "Give option to donor to pay for fees" checkbox Note … , they will need to deselect the checkbox on the donation form. Enable this setting by following steps 1-4 above, then enable the "Add cover fees to donation amount
    Knowledge baseApr 20, 2020
  7. Admin UI Update 2020: Where'd it go?

    > Advanced All Donation Options Settings > Campaign Settings Forms > Donation Settings All Include Processing Fees Settings > Campaign Settings > Donation Options Forms > Donation Settings All Post-Donation Registration Options Settings > Campaign Settings > Donation Options Forms > Donation Settings All
    Knowledge baseMar 29, 2020
  8. PDF Receipts

    by default unless they actively check the checkbox on the donation form. Don't send PDF receipt for donations under: the PDF will not be attached to emails … The PDF Receipts feature automatically generates a PDF for each online donation, offline donation, ticket purchase, and registration with which a donation
    Knowledge baseJun 25, 2020
  9. Fundraiser Dashboard URL Structure

    =editGoalPop Offline donation form popup initiated ?pop=enterDonationPop … My Team ?tab=Team Recommitment form (if configured) ?tab=Recommitment My Events (event listings, if configured) ?tab=MyEvents My Team Events (event
    Knowledge baseJul 09, 2019
  10. Responsive and Mobile Design

    and enter text in fields. On most of these sites the donation page will still display a mobile-friendly version of the donation form
    Knowledge baseMay 13, 2019