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  1. Donation Custom Fields

    Custom fields can be added to donation forms using the Donation form in the Form Builder. Depending on the donation form, custom fields are added to the end of the billing/payment section of the donation form or just before it. If a custom field is added to a platform donation page, the field will appear
    Knowledge baseOct 28, 2018
  2. Form Builder

    to existing forms, like the donation form. The full list of default forms is below. If you don’t see these forms in your Form Builder, please contact us to enable them.  Donation Form Adds fields to the donor information section of the donation form.  Create Team Form Adds fields to the Create Team feature when a user
    Knowledge baseJun 24, 2019
  3. Standalone Donation Pages

    form Goal module Social module Recent donations module Sponsors module Most of these elements are editable, including the modules, which may … A standalone donation page is a single webpage through which organizations can accept donations. Click here to view a sample donation page
    Knowledge baseSep 26, 2019
  4. Double the Donation 360 MatchPro

    . Installing the 360MatchPro streamlined search tool on your Rallybound donation form Double … donation forms.
    Knowledge baseJul 03, 2019
  5. Mailing in a cash donation

    It is not a good idea to send a cash donation in the mail. If you can't drop off the cash at the nonprofit organization, we recommend depositing the cash into your checking account and sending the nonprofit organization a personal check from your account. The donation will be credited to the name on the donation form.
    Knowledge baseOct 31, 2016
  6. How to embed a donation page on my site

    that the form scrolls enough on success or error. Other Embed Options — For advanced users only! In addition to embedding the entire donation form into a webpage, the donation form can also be embedded in a widget style. There are two styles for this. Follow these instructions to add them: Retrieve the URL
    Knowledge baseFeb 17, 2019
  7. Company Contributions

    By default, Rallybound's donation forms allow individuals to submit donations. However, they can be configured to accept company contributions as well. When … more. To configure your donation form to accept company contributions, navigate to Campaign Settings in the admin panel, and under "Donation Options", enable
    Knowledge baseFeb 01, 2019
  8. Amply

    Our Amply integration adds easy one-click employer matching donations directly to your donation forms. When donations are placed, the selected employer and key … is built directly into the donation form and no embed code is needed. Matching request is submitted together with the donation, eliminating the need for the donor
    Knowledge baseMar 29, 2019
  9. How to set-up and modify Tribute Fields

    Administrators can include a tribute section on their donation forms, allowing donors to donate in tribute, send a notification of their donation to a family member or friend, and even send ecards with their notification. To enable tribute fields on your donation form, log into the campaign's Admin Panel, navigate
    Knowledge baseSep 13, 2019
  10. Tracking Events (Donations and Registrations) through Google Analytics

    be:  Registration Step (Registration) Step 3 Rallybound passes the following event activities: Donation Submit (Donation form has been submitted)  Success (Transaction charge was successful) SubmitPaypal (Donation form has been submitted)  SuccessPaypal (Transaction charge was successful) Donation-Ticket
    Knowledge baseMar 07, 2019