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New and Improved!

CRM Connections
We've made some significant changes to how integrations are accessed in the Admin:

  1. CRM connections are now separate from CRM settings: connections are made on the organization-level once, and then applied variously — with applicable settings — to entities within the entity system.
  2. CRM connections are created in a new sub-tab under the top-level "Organization" tab in the Admin.
  3. Administrators can view and manage CRM connections in the same location, where administrators can view connection details, CRM sync logs (moved from the previous location in the entity system), and a list of campaigns that use that particular connection.
  4. When adding a Salesforce integration on an entity (under System > Integrations), instead of creating a new connection, the administrator chooses to apply an existing connection to that entity.
  5. The Google Analytics integration has been moved to the entity system and can be applied to multiple campaigns at once through the inheritance system.


  • Newly created PDF Receipts filenames now reflect the PDF serial number.
  • PDF Filename column has been added to Transactions reports.
  • It is now possible to add and edit a CRM value to custom dropdown and multi-select field options. Please contact us to enable this feature. Note: this feature is primarily useful for instances in which a CRM integration is configured and custom mapping is enabled.
  • The "Mobile Logo" section title in the Media Library has been changed to just "Logo" to reflect its more varied applications. To learn more, click here.


  • Fixed a bug that sometimes ignored security roles assigned to group entities (excluding org and campaign entities). Note: if different security roles are applied to multiple direct parents of a single campaign or entity, the permissions of those roles are aggregated so that the administrator has the most expansive permissions from the combination of the assigned roles.
  • Implemented an update that requires at least one recurring interval option to be selected.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented administrators from creating accounts for donors in certain situations.
  • Fixed a bug that caused fundraiser and team profile images to not be returned properly via the API.

  • Fixed some display issues in Site Builder.
  • Fixed a display issue with how large donation amounts are displayed in the Recent Donations widget.
  • Fixed a recently introduced bug that presented a generic error (instead of a more specific one) when entering an existing email into the Quick Registration form.
  • Corrected an issue that caused Salesforce email opt out sync to fail for campaigns configured to match by email and exact first and last name.