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  • Donors can now create accounts, where they can log in and view their transaction history and manage their recurring plans! The post-donation registration flow has been replaced with a new and improved interface. By default, donors are now greeted with an option to create an account after they donate. Administrators can manage post-donation registration options in the Admin Panel, under Settings > Campaign Settings > Donation Options.
    Additionally, a link to create an account has been added to the donation confirmation auto-responder, and administrators can create accounts for their donors from the People > Donors tab.

  • We've significantly improved handling of report timeouts. Now, when a report takes too long to load, administrators will be given the option to rerun the report with reconfigured filters or to queue the report in the background and continue working on other items. Additionally, administrators now have the option to queue reports directly without running them. When a queued report is ready, the administrator receives an email with links to download or load the report. Click here to learn more about this feature.


  • The mobile optimized interface has been disabled for all sites. Visitors to sites which previously had this interface will now be presented with the desktop version of their site on mobile.