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Campaigns cannot be ended or relaunched if they have active recurring plans within them. Therefore, when ending or relaunching a campaign, administrators are given the ability to choose a campaign to which to transfer the campaign's active recurring plans. When a plan is transferred, what actually happens is that it is ended on the original campaign, then a new recurring plan which inherits its settings and details is created on the new campaign.

When relaunching a campaign, administrators have the additional option of transferring the campaign's active recurring plans to the newly created (relaunched) campaign, and this is the default setting. However, the administrator can opt to transfer the plans to a different campaign of their choosing.

The recipient of all transferred plans will be set to the General campaign goal of the new campaign. if a different recipient is desired, the recurring plan can be edited (individually). To edit a recurring plan's recipient, please see How to manage recurring plans (instructions for administrators).