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Various locations in the Rallybound system potentially contain personal information that should only be accessed by a verified user. As such, these interfaces are disabled for any user who has not verified their email address.

These interfaces include:

Users can verify their email address by clicking the verify email link that appears in the Donation or Registration Confirmation auto responders. If the verify email link does not appear in those emails, or if the user did not have a chance to click it, they may still log in to the site and use the majority of the site functionality. The interfaces listed above will be replaced with a prompt for the user to verify their email address. When the "Verify Email" button is clicked, the user will receive an email in their inbox with the verify email link. Once the link is clicked and Rallybound has verified the user's identity, the interfaces listed above will be unlocked for the user.

Auto Responders

There are two auto responders which may be sent due to a user clicking the email verification button. The "Account Email Verification" email is sent from the button in the Profile interface, while the Fundraiser Email Verification is sent from the button in the Dashboard interface. Each requires the {{ Verify_Email_Link }} placeholder in order for the user to be able to verify their email. The same placeholder should also be used in registration confirmation auto responders so that the user can verify their email immediately. 

Note: the Email Verification auto responders may not be disabled.