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There are various types of users in Rallybound, each with their own distinct properties:

  • Registrant: This represents any user who has registered, either to attend or to fundraise (or any other role).
  • Attendee: A user who has registered to attend a physical event.
  • Fundraiser: A user who has registered to fundraise. Fundraisers, by definition, get a personal fundraising page, though this page can be delisted or inactive (see more).
  • Team Captain: A fundraiser who manages a team. The Team Captain has access to manage the team fundraising page. There can be multiple captains on a team.
  • Team Member: A registrant who is part of a team.
  • Donor: A user who has donated through the Rallybound platform. A donor may have an account, which they may use to log in and view their transaction history (see more).