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Administrators can configure their donation pages to allow donors to donate in tribute of someone else and (optionally) send a card (physical- or e-card) to the tributee notifying them of the donation. The tribute section may be added to any Rallybound donation page, and are fully customizable in terms of which fields to display on the form, and images for donors to choose as either physical or e-cards. Please contact us to configure tributes and e-cards on your donation page.

Once the tribute section is enabled for your site, manage your tribute fields and cards in the Admin, under Forms > Form Builder > Tribute (campaign entity only). Options there reflect those generally available in the Form Builder, with the additions of:

  1. Determining whether sections are expanded or collapsed by default
  2. The media field type, where you can upload images that represent physical- or e-cards

There are four sections within the tribute section, represented in the Form Builder:

  1. The main tribute section: fields placed here should be related to the tribute itself, such as a "Tribute Type" field with options for "In honor of"/"In memory of".
  2. Notifications relates to the notification to be sent when the donation is submitted. This could be the tributee or someone else the donor wants to notify of this donation. Included in this section are two default fields:
    1. Tributee name
    2. Notification message
  3. Notify via sections determine through which medium to send the notification — either via email or physical mail. In these sections are default fields depending on the medium:
    1. Email, eCards
    2. Address, Cards

You can enable or disable any of these sections, as well as configure them to be expanded or collapsed by default. Click here to learn more about configuring your tribute form.

For the media fields, recommended image dimensions is 600x400px or 400x600px. The media field works the same way as dropdown fields in the Form Builder, with the ability to add, rename, sort, hide, and sometimes delete.

Donation Tribute Notification

Once the tribute donation is submitted, the notification recipient receives the “Donation Tribute Notification” auto responder, which by default includes both the notification message entered by the donor, as well as the eCard they selected. You are encouraged to customize this email to reflect your organization's brand.