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Endurance Challenges is a great way to bring out fundraisers' best effort by engaging them in an endurance activity to help boost their advocacy and, in turn, increase their fundraising. Once a challenge has been configured on a campaign and fundraisers have begun logging activities towards their goal, progress towards endurance goals will begin appearing in many places so users can track progress. We've outlined the various places different users can view progress.

Site Visitors

All visitors to the site can view progress toward goals on the site's front end:

  • For the campaign goal, administrators can enable the "Progress Bars - Advanced" widget in Site Builder to display fundraising and endurance progress side by side. If your Site Builder instance does not include this widget, please contact support to enable it.
  • Additionally, the Endurance Leaderboard widget can be enabled to display top endurance participants and teams. If your Site Builder instance does not include this widget, please contact support to enable it.
  • On personal and team fundraising pages, progress is displayed in a dedicated endurance progress widget in the page sidebar. Please note that by default these widgets don't show until the fundraiser (or a team member) logs endurance activity towards their goal.


In addition to the above locations, which users of all kinds can access, fundraisers can track their own progress in their Fundraiser Dashboard tab titled with the name of the Endurance Challenge. Team captains can view progress of their entire team — and update their endurance goal amount — in the My Team tab in their dashboard.


The endurance system includes various locations for administrators to track endurance progress for their campaign:

People Grids and Records

  1. In the People > Registrants and Teams grids in the Admin, endurance progress of individuals and teams is listed in a column titled by the name of the challenge + metric (only applies to campaigns configured with Role Registration).
  2. In registrant and team records, endurance information is listed in a section title with the name of the challenge. Multiple sections appear if there are multiple challenges. Administrators can view goal amount (and edit it), total progress toward the defined metric, total distance and duration, and activity count (only applies to campaigns configured with Role Registration).


  1. Various user and team reports list endurance progress, including: endurance goal amount, total progress amount, total distance, total duration, and activity count. These reports include: Fundraisers with Donation and Contact Summary; Registrants with Reg Fields, Donation and Contacts Summary; and Teams with Summary.
  2. The Endurance Activity report lists all activities across the campaign, with information on who logged the activity, activity type, progress, distance, duration, and more.