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Rallybound natively integrates with Google Analytics. You will just need to navigate to your Campaign Admin > Integration Settings > Google Analytics and enter the tracking code. (Article here).

To track a website, Google Analytics uses a small snippet of JavaScript code. You'll place this code on every page of your website and when a user arrives, the code comes alive and starts to collect data on how the user engages with your site. (For additional LinkedIn sponsored Google Analytics training, please click here). The code can be triggered by specific "Events", which are user interactions with content that can be tracked independently from a web page or a screen load. 

To see Events Reports:

  1. Sign into Google Analytics
  2. Navigate to your view
  3. Open Reports
  4. Select Behavior > Events

Events have three levels:

  • Category
    • Action
      • Label (optional but recommended)

An example of these levels within Rallybound would be: 

  • Registration
    • Step (Registration)
      • Step 3

Rallybound passes the following event activities:

  • Donation
    • Submit (Donation form has been submitted) 
    • Success (Transaction charge was successful)
    • SubmitPaypal (Donation form has been submitted) 
    • SuccessPaypal (Transaction charge was successful)
  • Donation-Ticket
    • Submit
  • Registration
    • Click here to view documentation on the Role Registration/Google Analytics integration.
    • Quick Registration is one step so this submission of registration would be considered the action. 
    • Detailed Registration consists of four steps. Each step would be considered the action. Labels would be placed on each step:
      • Step 10 (Goes to Step One of Detailed Registration)
      • Step 20 (Goes to Step Two of Detailed Registration)
      • Step 30 (Goes to Step Three of Detailed Registration)
      • Step 40 (Goes to Step Four of Detailed Registration)
      • Step 45 (Submits Detailed Registration)
      • Step 50 (Completes Detailed Registration)
      • Cleared (If the "Clear Reg Link" is hit on Step One)

In order to track conversions, we suggest making two Goals. (Goals will need to be setup through Google Analytics. Instruction on how to do this can be found here). This would be done by following the steps below:

  1. The first should be a "Custom" Goal, the "Type" should be set to "Event", the "Category" should be set to "Donation", and the "Action" set to "Success".
  2. The second should also be a "Custom" Goal, the "Type" should be set to "Event". Here the "Category" should be set to "Registration", the "Action" set to "Step", and the "Label" set to "50".