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The Summary Letter object contains attributes that can include helpful information on a Donation Summary Letter

Availability: The Summary Letter object is available in Summary Letter editable message, which can be edited in the Admin, under Forms > Customize once configured for your organization (click here to learn more).

Attributes: The Summary Letter object has the following attributes:

  • Summary_Letter.Year
  • Summary_Letter.Total_Eligible_Amount


Returns the year of a given Summary Letter (donors are presented with one Summary Letter file per year).


Returns the total tax deductible amount for the given year. Donations (including those submitted with registrations) are tax deductible; registration fees are not tax deductible; the tax deductible amount for ticket purchases depends on the value of same field in the Ticket Builder. Use a money filter to return the value in a monetary format:


{{ Summary_Letter.Total_Eligible_Amount | money }}