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Administrators can use Rallybound's Site Builder tools to edit their site's template. This includes editing the font, colors, navigation menu, banner media, buttons, and widgets. This gives administrators the tools necessary to make sure their campaign site looks exactly as desired.

To access Site Builder, navigate to the desired campaign in the Admin and click the "Site Builder" button (with the brush icon) in the sidebar or in the header. This will open your campaign site, with Site Builder enabled, in a new window, with the options to edit your template available in the top bar. To access Site Builder without navigating through the Admin, you can instead navigate directly to your campaign site, and then add "" immediate before your campaign URL (after "https://"). This will present Site Builder tools if you are already logged in as an administrator.

 Get a Bookmarklet Shortcut

Access Site Builder directly from any campaign site by installing a bookmarklet in your browser. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Add a new bookmark in your browser (in Chrome, you can right click on the bookmarks bar and select "Add Page", or navigate to the Bookmark Manager, click the ellipses icon in the top right, then select "Add new bookmark").
  2. Enter your desired name for the bookmark (for example, "Site Builder").
  3. Copy and paste this code into the URL field of the bookmark:

    javascript: (function () { window.getAnalyticsData &&'' + window.location.href.replace('https://', '')); })();

  4. Save your bookmark

Now, whenever you are on a campaign site, simply click the new bookmark and it will open Site Builder mode in a new window.

See details on using the various Site Builder tools below.

Saving Changes

Whenever making changes, be sure to click "Publish" to the right of the Site Builder bar. Please be aware that no changes are saved until that "Publish" button is clicked.

Site Builder Video Walkthrough