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All dimensions indicated below are “Width to Height”.  

We recommend saving all non-transparent images as a .jpeg for efficiency and transparent images as .png.

Note: there is a 25mb upload limit for all file uploads in Rallybound's system.

Campaign Hero (Primary) Images

Rallybound has three standard templates. If you have a standard Rallybound license your site is built off of Template 1, Template 2 or Template 3. The hero image container size on each of those templates is as follows: 

  • Template 1: 2500x785
  • Template 2: 2500x785 (can be customized to be 2500x1100)
  • Template 3: 2500x785 (can be customized to be 2500x1100)

If your site has a different layout than our standard templates, please contact Support to obtain the container size for your hero image container. 

For all Standalone Donation and Ticketing Pages, the main image should be 618x270.

Fundraiser & Team Default Hero Images

This image should be 2500x785. To ensure faces or important parts of the image don't get cut off on larger screens, they should be in the middle-center of the image.

Default Member and Team Image

This refers to the image/video upload section on the personal pages. The recommended dimensions are 458x259. Anything with a similar aspect ratio would work well 

Logo (In Media Library & Used for Role Registration)

Any dimension photo will work in this view, but the width should not exceed 300 pixels wide or 44 pixels tall. 

Logo (added to Site Builder) 

Logo height should not exceed 100 pixels. The logo should be transparent and will view best as a .png file.

Sponsor Logos

Any square image at least 200x200 would work. Max dimensions are 310x190.

Campaign and Social Share Images

These images should be 200x200.

Email Header and Footer

For best results, we recommend your image be as small as possible. In any case, image width should not exceed 600 pixels. Please resize prior to uploading.