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The interface that is displayed to the donor after submitting a donation can be very valuable being that the donor has already engaged with the campaign. As such, in addition to the share feature that is provided to donors, Rallybound offers various ways this interface can be configured for registration, available to manage in the Admin (on any entity level), under Forms > Donation Settings > Post-Donation Options.

  • No registration option
  • Prompt the donor to create an account (default)
  • Prompt the donor to register for the campaign (not available on standalone pages)

Prompt the donor to create an account (default)

In this option, donors can create an account by simply entering a password (or clicking to sign in with Facebook or Google). Once they do, they'll receive an email confirming their account. With an account, donors can log in and view transaction history in their user profile section (see more). Additionally, with their ability to log in, donors have a quicker path to register if they wish to do so (see more).


If the donor is logged in or has an account (recognized by their email), they will not be shown this option.

Prompt the donor to register for the campaign

With this option, donors can register as a fundraiser or attendee on the campaign to which they donated. The precise registration configuration of your campaign will determine the registration flow for the donor (see more on registration flows):

  • For quick registration configurations, the donor enters their password and is immediately registered for the campaign.
  • For detailed and role registration configurations, the donor enters their password, thereby creating their account, and from there is directed to the registration flow.
  • The same applies to donors who are logged in but not registered for the present campaign, the only difference being that they don't have to create a password.

This option is not available on standalone donation or ticketing pages. Additionally, this option is not available for the donation lightbox — if this option is selected, the create account option will be presented there.


If the donor is already registered, they will not be shown this option. If registration is closed, this option will default back to prompt donors to create an account without registering.

Editing the post-donation registration page

Much of the text in this interface is editable in the Admin, under Forms > Customize, in the "Page Text - Donation Thank You Page" section. Additionally, the text of the account creation email can be edited in Email > Automated Emails > Donor Account Creation.

For more on creating accounts for donors, please click here.