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Rallybound Payment Status

The payment record in the Rallybound Admin will reflect the payment status listed in NeonPay, allowing you to easily identify when the payment is pending, successful, or refunded. Please note that no automatic workflows are initiated in Rallybound based on the status, so for example if a payment is canceled or refunded, the payment status in Rallybound will reflect that, but the donation will still have to be deleted in order to remove it from fundraising amounts across your Rallybound sites.

Common statuses that are displayed in the payment record in Rallybound

  • Processing
    Donation has been accepted and is pending. This is the typical status of any donation for up to 2-3 days after the charge has been initiated until the funds are actually received by the processor's bank. As far as Rallybound is concerned the payment is considered successful.
  • Succeeded
    Funds from the payment have been received at the processor.
  • Canceled
    Refund (or void) was initiated before the payment succeeded (i.e. before the processor has the funds). Sometimes the record of this charge will be purged from the donor's bank and they will not see any record of the transaction.
  • RefundProcessing
    Refund is being processed.
  • RefundFailed
    Refund that was initiated failed. The donation will not be deleted (even when initiated within Rallybound).
  • Refunded
    Charge was fully successfully refunded. This will only occur if the admin requested a refund after a charge had succeeded (see "Canceled" above).
  • PartiallyRefunded
    Charge was partially refunded.

Less common statuses

  • Deleted
    Donation was deleted. This is legacy and mostly updated from API.
  • Requested
    Donation has been requested, but we have not yet received any confirmation from the processor. This is unlikely to happen, and is generally applicable to unsupported payment methods other than credit card or ACH.
  • Uncaptured
    Charge was authorized with an option to capture the funds at a later time. This is not going to happen when charges are initiated within Rallybound since payments are captured instantly.
  • Failed
    Payment charge failed. You are unlikely to see this status in Rallybound error message are shown to the donor upon submitting their donation.
  • RefundRequested
    Refund was initiated but not immediately processed by the processor, usually due to bank delays. The refund is processed once a refund success message is received.