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Rallybound offers payment processing with a variety of processors. The only processor which can be configured in the admin is NeonPay — please click here to learn more. To enable any other processor, please contact support. Below is a list of supported processors and the features available with each:

ProcessorRecurringOne-Click DonationsRecommitmentACHApple PayGoogle PayRefundsPartial RefundsPayment StatusTest ModeINTL Currencies
NeonPayComing soonComing soon


Any that iATS supports


CAD onlyCAD only


Any that Stripe supports

PayPal Direct

PayPal Payflow

*Recommitment on registration and ticketing not available

Org Processor vs Event Processor

The Rallybound system has two types of processor integrations, which are technically termed Org Processor and Event Processor. Event Processors use a legacy system that confines the processor/merchant account to a single campaign. Practically, this means that many new and innovative features that Rallybound offers are only available with Org Processors. Some of these include:

To know if you're configured with an Event Processor, navigate to your campaign in the Admin and click System > Payment Processors. If this tab is available and lists an active processor, you have an Event Processor. If the tab doesn't show at all, you do not have an Event Processor. However, you still may need to configure an Org Processor. To configure NeonPay, click here. For any other processor, please contact Rallybound support.

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