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The NeonCRM Logs in Rallybound provide detailed information regarding all records that have been synced to NeonCRM. To access the logs, navigate to your NeonCRM connection in Organization > Integrations. After clicking the NeonCRM Logs button, a modal with the log will open and display every donation record that was sent to NeonCRM.

Resyncing Records

Any records that encountered an error during the syncing process, or were edited, can attempt the sync again by clicking on the associated resync icon in the log. Any donations that have been refunded or deleted in Rallybound will not be able to be resynced to NeonCRM. Resynced records are hidden from the grid by default, to show them, click "Show All Attempts" under "Previous Sync Records" in the filter drawer.

Column Configuration and Exporting Logs

Additional options for the NeonCRM logs can be found by clicking on the grid icon on the top right of the modal. It is here where you can choose what columns display, how to export the logs, and clear any set filters.