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The Admin Interface sports a multi-tiered navigation that strikes a perfect balance between power and usability, making sense of the many groups, campaigns, records and settings that are accessed in a given Rallybound instance. Below is an outline of the Admin navigation system.

The top-level navigation refers to the items found in the top bar of the Admin. These include:

  • Campaigns: access your campaigns, their data and settings
  • Organization: access organization-level collections and functions, including:
  • Support: links out to Rallybound's helpdesk

In the top-level Campaigns tab and below the top bar, is the entity navigation. In this space administrators can determine which entity — organization, group, or campaign — they are accessing. This helps ensure settings are configured in the correct location. Click here to learn more about the entity system. Note that the entire header is gray for organization and group entities, and blue for campaign entities. This allows administrators to quickly identify when they are accessing a campaign entity.

The name of the entity being accessed is displayed in the entity navigation space, along with breadcrumbs identifying parent groups all the way up to the organization. To access the landing page of any group or campaign, click the relevant entity name in the entity navigation (this includes the organization icon and the related dropdown). This is true regardless of what section within that entity is being accessed.

For reference, the landing page of a group (or the organization) entity is the campaigns list, displaying the groups and campaigns within that group. The landing page for a campaign is the campaign details page.

Once the administrator has navigated to the desired entity in the entity navigation, they can determine what about that entity to access by navigating to one of the tabs immediately below the entity navigation. These tabs include transaction and people records, emails, settings, reports, and more. Notably, not all tabs are available on all entity types. Please click here for an overview of which sections are available where.

Within each tab there are also sub-tabs in the left sidebar, which further focuses the administrator and clarifies what is being accessed.