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Giving is global and people are naturally more comfortable with their native language, especially in regards to fundraising, which involves asking for and giving donations. For nonprofits with supporters in multiple countries - and/or those that want to offer their entire fundraising experience online in either a single non-English language or multiple languages - Neon Fundraise supports the complete translation of our fundraising tools. 

Supported Languages

  • English (en)
  • French (fr)
  • Spanish (es)
  • Portuguese (pt)

Other languages can be added through collaborative Neon Fundraise/client efforts. Please contact us for more information.

The User Experience

For sites that have full multi-language installed, each page of the site can show a toggle/dropdown of available languages. When a language is chosen on the page by a user, the page reloads with all the content areas displaying their content in the chosen language, as entered by the administrator (see below). As the user navigates through the site, their preference will be remembered and the site will display the selected language. Additionally, if the user leaves and returns to the site, their preference will be remembered for a period of time, though not indefinitely. 

The Administrator Experience

At the outset of setting up multiple languages on a site, Rallybound will work with the organization to pinpoint all site text that needs translation, based on the scope of the fundraising site. This inventory will include editable text as well as non-editable text, such as error messages and form field placeholders. Once this is done, Rallybound provides a file containing all the text which the organization then works to translate. When the translation is finished by the organization, Rallybound will upload it to the site, and the site will then be available in the additional language. 

The language selection is controlled by a parameter in the URL. For example, adding “?lan=en” to the end of the web address will display the site in English, while “?lan=fr” will display the site in French. This allows administrators to send targeted communications to their users with the language preselected.

In addition, the user can change the site language using a toggle on the page which essentially changes the URL as outlined. The design and placement of the toggle are up to the organization and is decided during the process of designing the site. Above is one example.

After the initial translation effort is complete, Rallybound provides various ways for administrators to edit alternate language content on their sites, depending on the content location, as outlined below. This gives administrators the control they need to edit their site as is required.

Method 1: To edit content on the site itself: while logged in as an administrator, simply view the site in the language desired (as would a user), click “Enable Editing” in the site editor, and edit the content. This is the same experience as editing content on any Rallybound site. This method also applies to fundraising page defaults accessible through the admin panel.

Method 2: To edit content in the admin panel: There is a language toggle at the top of the window which changes the language of the items to be edited. This is very similar to the toggle on the front-end of the site. This experience applies to:

  • Campaign Dictionary

  • FAQs

  • Blog Feed

  • Media Library


Method 3: This last method applies to adding navigation menu items and call-to-action buttons through Site Builder, and when adding or editing sponsors in the Admin. For these, each entry will have one field per language. For example, a single sponsor record will have a field for sponsor name in English, and an additional field for sponsor name in French. This way, the content of the sponsor (i.e., the sponsor image/logo, the website, etc.) can remain the same, while the sponsor name can change depending on the language. 

All the areas of a site that are editable on a non-multi-language site are also available to edit on a multi-language site in multiple languages. That said, not all areas of the site are editable by administrators. Any multi-language changes to this content must be submitted to the Rallybound team. These include but are not limited to:

  • Default forms and fields (donation, registration, contact)

  • Ticket names and description
  • Error messages

  • Fundraiser Dashboard