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Administrators can upload PDF and image files for users to view and download. For example, extra details about an event can be included in a downloadable PDF. To upload a PDF or image file, follow these steps:

In the Admin

  1. Log into the Admin at
  2. Navigate to the campaign on which to upload the PDF
  3. Click the "Website" tab
  4. Click "Media Library" in the left sidebar
  5. Click "Upload PDF"
  6. Select the PDF from your computer and upload

To Add to Your Site

  1. Visit your campaign site while logged in as an administrator
  2. Click "Enable Editing" in the top right
  3. Click into the desired editable text area (will be highlighted in yellow)
  4. Type and select the text you'd like to link to the PDF (e.g., "click here")
  5. In the text editor, click the link icon
  6. Select "Browse Library", then select the PDF you uploaded
    1. If the PDF hasn't been uploaded yet, select the "Upload" tab, select your file, and click upload (when the upload is done, the window will automatically navigate to the "Link Info" tab where it will display the link URL)
  7. Click "OK"