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Rallybound now allows administrators to choose the email notifications they wish to receive for each campaign. The notifications are broken down into 3 categories:


1) New Transactions - this notifies you of:  

  • Ticket Purchase
  • Recurring Donation Plan 
  • Recurring Donation Instance 
  • Donation 


2) New Registrations - this notifies you of:

  • Registration
  • RSVP
  • Member Joined 


3) Fundraising Progress - this notifies you of: 

  • Team Goal Amount Change
  • Goal Amount Change 
  • Team Page Change 
  • Fundraiser Page Change 
  • Contact Form 
  • Custom Form 
  • Badge Award


You can find a detailed list of notifications and their categories here.


How to update email notifications

  1. Log into your admin account at
  2. Click on the top right circle and go to My Profile
  3. Navigate to Notifications tab
    1. This page will display all campaigns you are an administrator on and the 3 notifications you can opt into.
  4. If you wish to be notified on all campaigns, click the master checkbox under the New Transactions, New Registrations or Fundraising Progress
  5. Otherwise, go through the list and select the particular notification for each campaign in the list
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click Save button