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For organizations configured with an org-level payment processor and billing, it is possible to move donations from one campaign to the next. If your campaigns are configured with an org processor, follow the steps outlined below to move donations across campaigns.

  1. Option 1: Start from the Org Admin Activity Stream
    1. Locate the relevant donation in the Activity Stream
    2. Click the donation amount link
  2. Option 2: Start from the Org Admin global search
    1. Search for and locate the relevant donation in the global search
    2. Click the relevant record
  3. In the ensuing popup, click "Edit" next to the Recipient field
  4. Search for a recipient
    1. The search will only return results from campaigns which share the same processor through which the donation was processed
    2. Recipients can be fundraisers, teams, and campaigns
  5. Click "Done"

Frequently Asked Questions

When you reallocate the donation does this include the processing fee?

Does the PDF Receipt get moved with the donation?
No. It is advised to download any associated PDFs before moving donations to another campaign.

Will updates be made in Salesforce?
Automatic updates will not be made to Salesforce. Salesforce will need to be updated manually.

Will an updated Donation Confirmation email go out to the donor?

Are we able to use this feature to move Registrations across campaigns?
Not at the present time.

Are we able to use this feature to move tickets across campaigns?
Not at the present time.

How will administrators know if a donation record has been edited?
An additional update will be made to the activity stream. The original update will receive a “modified” tag.

Where would this feature be controlled in “Admin Security Roles”?
If an administrator has “delete” permissions for donations on the relevant campaign they can move donations.

Will this feature work for donations made before this was enabled?
No, this feature will only apply to donations made after the feature was turned on.

How will this impact Neon Fundraise billing?
Non-profits who use their own gateway as their payment processor are billed on the 1st and 16th of each month for Rallybound transaction fees for each campaign. With this feature enabled the non-profit will receive a single charge and invoice for the entire organization.