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Registrants can be merged in the Admin, with the option to choose which settings to apply to the newly merged registrant, along with donations to either registrant. To merge registrants, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Admin at
  2. Navigate to the campaign that has the relevant registrants
  3. Click on the "People" tab
  4. Click "Registrants" in the left sidebar
  5. Click the "Merge Users" button on the top panel above the registrant's list.
  6. This will display a pop-up where you can add the 2 records that need to be merged. Donations will be merged from the registrant on the left to that on the right. If the registrant to the left has registration fees, they will need to be deleted/refunded before merging.
  7. Select user 1 in the left dropdown (Merge User) and user 2 in the second dropdown (Into User). All details from user 2 will be carried over to the merged record, including the email. Note: If you have details (address, registration fields, page customizations) on user 1, make those changes to user 2 before merging otherwise the new merged account won't have those details.
  8. Click "Merge Users" button to merge the users. Refresh your page and check the new merged user record.