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Once you’ve received your Rallybound embed code follow the steps below to add it to your nation.

1. Log into your NationBuilder control panel.

2. Go to Website > Pages > then select the slug to which you would like to add your social fundraising registration. Ideally, you’d want to the page type to be Basic.

3. Once in the selected page slug, select Template.

4. Copy and paste the Rallybound embed code in place of: "{{ page.basic.content }}" (appears in the screenshot below on line 11).

5. Save Draft or Save and Publish then review.

You may choose to include it in the top nav, but you will NOT want to include it in supporter nav, as our registration page is 900 pixels wide and will be hidden by most templates' supporter nav.

The registration page should be displayed similar to the screen shot below. Once confirmed, read "Customizing Rallybound in NationBuilder" article for instructions on how to customize it.