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Listed below are the dictionary entries related to Quick Registration.

Page Text - Quick Registration Page - Button Text

For Quick Registration, the button a registrant hits to create their account. By default, the button text reads “That was quick!”

Page Text - Registration Completed Popup Window - Continue Button – Href 

This is the most misleading campaign dictionary entry. It does not change text that you see but will change where the continue button in the pop-up will direct (indicated by RED CIRCLE). By default, the “Continue” button will take fundraisers to their Dashboard. You can redirect them to another page, although we would not recommend this.

Page Text - Registration Completed Popup Window - Header Text

After registration is complete the registrant will be prompted with a “Thank You” pop-up that allows them to share on Facebook and Twitter. This dictionary entry refers to the header of the pop-up that displays. Indicated by the BLUE ARROW. By default, states “Thank you for your registration”

Page Text - Registration Completed Popup Window – Text

This dictionary entry refers to the text underneath the header and is identified by the GREEN BRACKETS. By default, the text reads “You will receive an email with a link to your Quick Registration page. Click continue…. friends and family”.