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This feature is available for campaigns configured with Detailed or Quick Registration. Click here to learn more about our various registration flows.

Registration Fields are used to add product or custom questions and requirements to the Detailed Registration process. They can be used to collect a host of information from your fundraisers and event participants right in the registration flow. 

Adding Registration Fields

To create a custom registration field, follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to the Admin at
  2. Navigate to the relevant campaign
  3. Click the "Forms" tab
  4. Click "Registration Fields" in the left sidebar
  5. Click "Add Registration Field"
  6. Choose your field name
  7. Choose a field type (how your user will fill in this field)
    • Text Field: A blank field for your user to place an address, phone number, contact info, etc
    • Check Box: A yes/no option
    • Select: Drop down menu; allows user to select one of many options — see below to add options
    • MultiSelect: Drop down menu; allows user to make multiple selections (e.g., volunteering shifts) — see below to add options
  8. For advanced options, click "Advanced":
    • Choose a field description (or select "hide" for no description)
    • To hide this field from the summary of actions or receipt of user's registration, select hide from summary
    • If you would like to define a summary label separate from the field description, define summary label
    • Set the location of the registration field in relation to other fields in the "Order Number" field
  9. Select "Active" to ensure the field is enabled for your users
  10. Save your field
  11. Be sure to review your registration process on the front end to ensure it looks as it should

Editing Registration Fields

To edit existing registration fields, or add options to "select" and "multiselect" registration fields, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the registration field to edit
  2. Click "Edit", and change any of the fields
  3. For "select" or "multiselect" fields, click "add field option" or double-click an existing option to edit it. Field option costs can be added in this step.
  4. Click "save" at the bottom