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Registration Fields are used to add product or custom questions and requirements to the sign up process. They can be used to collect a host of information from your fundraisers and event participants right in the registration flow. For example, if you need to indicate that all t-shirts are only available in adult sizes, you would need to change the field name and/or description. 

Follow the below steps to create a custom registration field:


1. Login to your Admin

2. Select Registration Fields




3. Add registration field

4. Choose your field name

5. Choose a field type (how your user will fill in this field)

  •  Text Field: A blank field for your user to place an address, phone number, contact info, etc
  •  Check Box: A yes/no option
  •  Select: Drop down menu; allows user to select one of many options — see below to add options
  •  MultiSelect: Drop down menu; allows user to make multiple selections (e.g., volunteering shifts) — see below to add options

For advanced options, click "Advanced": 

6. Choose a field description (or select "hide" for no description)

7. To hide this field from the summary of actions or receipt of user's registration, select hide from summary

8. If you would like to define a summary label separate from the field description, define summary label

9. Select "active" to make the registration field go live

10. Set the priority of the registration field in "order number"

11. "Save" (or "Save & new" to add another registration field)




To edit existing registration fields, or add options to "select" and "multiselect" registration fields:

1. Click on the registration field to edit

2. Click edit, and change any of the fields

3. For "select" or "multiselect" registration fields, click "add field option" or double-click an existing option to edit it.

4. Click "save" at the bottom