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We hope it never happens, but sometimes registrants must cancel their registration, resulting in a loss of funds for an organization. To reduce the impact of potential cancelations, Rallybound allows administrators to convert registration payments into donations. This way, if the registrant is willing to continue supporting the organization, the funds they spent on registering can easily be converted into a fully tax-deductible donation. To convert a registration into a donation, follow these steps:

  1. In the Registrations tab in the Admin, locate the registration you would like to convert.
  2. On the registration/role record, click the "Convert to Donation" button.
  3. If there are multiple registrants, roles, and/or donation records associated with the registration (i.e., if multiple people were registered at once or if a registrant has multiple roles or if a donation was submitted along with the registration), you will be presented with the choice to either convert just the selected role or the entire registration payment (these may be the same amount if other roles were $0). Make your choice and confirm in the ensuing popup.
    1. Converting just the role will convert the amount paid for just this role into a donation. The role in question will be replaced with a $0 role and the registration will now contain an additional donation record. Any other registrants and/or roles associated with the registration will remain intact.
    2. Converting the entire registration payment will replace all roles with $0 roles, and delete donation records currently associated with the registration.
  4. Once it is confirmed, the relevant roles will be replaced with $0 roles and a new donation record will be created in the amount that was removed. All associated donation functions, such as the donation auto responder and PDF Receipt will be initiated at the creation of the donation record. The donation date will be that of the conversion.

Note: this feature only works with with registrations submitted via Role Registration.