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Please follow the below steps to connect your Rallybound instance to your Saleforce account. The Rallybound Salesforce app allows fundraising data to be pushed to your database automatically.

  1. Log into the Admin at
  2. Navigate to Organization (top level) > Integrations
  3. Click the plus button
  4. Click Salesforce
  5. Install the required Rallybound Salesforce packages
  6. Click "Connect to Salesforce" and log into your Salesforce account

Once you've connected Salesforce on the organization level, it's time to apply that connection to a campaign. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the campaign on which to configure your Salesforce connection
  2. Click the "System" tab
  3. Click "Integrations"
  4. Check the Salesforce checkbox
  5. Select the active account to apply to the campaign, then continue to configure your Salesforce sync settings. Please see here for our full Salesforce guide.